The iAmaz1ng Race
Countries visited 13
Distance traveled 36,607 miles (58,913 km)
Starting line Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
Finish line Caracas, Venezuela
Number of legs 10
Number of teams 14
Winning team » Dylan & » Nicole
Runner(s)-up » Animal & » Cody
» Allan & » Eric
Series Chronology
Next Season The iAmaz1ng Race 2

The iAmaz1ng Race is the inaugral season of The iAmaz1ng Race series, a spin off of the iSurv1vor series.

This season featured i1 alumni competing in teams travelling through familiar locations used in iSurv1vor. Unlike iSurv1vor or The Inferno this was hosted by Woods, an alumni from India and does not feature Sandy in a lead hosting role.


Unlike iSurv1vor or The iCha11enge, The iAmaz1ng Race is an alumni game hosted by Woods who premiered in India.


The cast of The iAmaz1ng Race were composed of iSurv1vor alumni.[1]


Episode # Leg # Title Destination First Place Last Place Finish
1 1 The iSurv1vor World Awaits United States → Peru Dylan & Nicole Mariconda & Mike 1st Eliminated
14th Place
2 2 Everyone Loves Kirin Peru → Hawaii Dylan & Nicole Tom & Klein 2nd Eliminated
13th Place
3 3 I Know Her... Hawaii → Fiji Brenda & Heeral Samantha & Sassy 3rd Eliminated
12th Place
4 4 I Am From iSurv1vor Japan Fiji → Tokyo Allan & Eric Jared & José Ordered to
keep racing
5 5 I Want You To Have This Rose Tokyo → Shanghai Animal & Cody Britti & Jeffrey 4th Eliminated
11th Place
6 6 We'll Do The Powerslam, Brotha Shanghai → Amritsar Stephen & Tucker Gabe & Ricky 5th Eliminated
10th Place
Tyler & Robbie 6th Eliminated
9th Place
7 7 What Am I Supposed To Do With These!? Amritsar → Bali Allan & Eric Stephen & Tucker Non-Elimination
8 8 Boink, Bones And A Binky Bali → Egypt Allan & Eric Jared and José 7th Eliminated
8th Place
9 9 I Will Lead This Team To Victory
As Always
Egypt → Montenegro Brenda & Heeral To Be Continued
10 10 I Feel Like Katniss Everdeen
With Those Arrows
Montenegro → Greece Allan & Eric Stephen & Tucker 8th Eliminated
7th Place
Joe & Kieran 9th Eliminated
6th Place
11 11 Day And Night Greece → Ireland Dylan & Nicole
Animal & Cody
Chris & Kirin 10th Eliminated
5th Place
Brenda & Heeral 11th Eliminated
4th Place
12 12 The Final Showdown Ireland → Venezuela Dylan & Nicole Allan & Eric 3rd place
Animal & Cody 2nd place




  1. Denotes season premiered in iSurv1vor and not overall games competed in.

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