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Name: The Northwest Passage
Second Chances
Season Run: 2016-2017
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iSurv1vors: 24
Runner(s)-up: Jermin & Mark
Tribes: Erebus
Dustyn (32)
Previous Season: Cheju Do
Next Season: The Netherlands
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iSurv1vor: Queen Elizabeth Islands — The Northwest Passage is the thirty-first season of iSurv1vor.

This season will feature a group of 'Second Chance' players, veterans of the series who have only played the game once.

In early December 2016, Sandy officially announced the reconstruction and recasting of Queen Elizabeth Islands. On the 14th, the theme was ready and the game began with three competing ships, Erebus, Terror, Glory. Each ship consisted of seven Second Chancers, and one Captain.[1]

Throughout the premerge phase of the game, Terror was Captained by Eric (Japan & Tibet) and after a series of losses the ship was dissolved on Day 11. Maranda (Russia & Blasket Islands) led the strongest ship of the season, Erebus, and Banks (Botswana & Tibet) was in charge of the ship that had a hard time staying away from Tribal Council once the swap occurred, Glory.

On Day 20, the final twelve players abandoned their ships in the ice and continued the game on foot, trekking south on King William Island. This signified the beginning of the merge, birthing the first tribe of the season, Qinirli. Unlike many past seasons, the merge of Queen Elizabeth Islands was laid out differently. One Captain was crowned, three castaways were marked during an Inuit Ceremony,[2]and at Tribal Council a marked castaway was voted out and entered the jury.

Banks won the season in a 5-2-2 vote defeating Jermin and Mark.

Mark won Player of the Season with (31.06%) of the vote.


QEI was originally planned as the secret thirty-first season of iSurv1vor with episodes to roll out upon it's completion. The location, logo, and culture of the season was inspired by Sandy. The meat of the season would be hosted by Tanya (Russia & Tibet), Ricky (India & Jordan), while being monitored by Sandy. The series was cancelled midway due to issues with unfairness that plagued the iS standards, and was soon revamped by Sandy.

Ricky and Tanya continued their endeavor under the name Expedition. 

The season was produced over Christmas, New Year's, and Valentine's Day; over sixty real-life days. Production included Sandy and help & support from Adam (Blasket Islands)




  1. The starting Captain's were 3-time players; Banks, Eric, & Maranda. The Captain's twist was added after the initial recasting announcement.
  2. After each Immunity Challenge an Inuit Ceremony took place, led by the Captain where three specific, non-immune crew members were marked. During the ceremony, the Captain distributed parchments to everyone for the upcoming Tribal Council. Three of these parchments contained an image of a noose printed on it. The crew members with the mark were nominated to be voted off King William Island, and out of the game.

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