Tribe Profile
Season Heroes vs Villains
Namesake Honesty and Integrity
Tribe Type Starting
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Villains
Tribe Status Merged into Macquarie
Challenge Wins 4
Lowest Placing Member Jamie (20/22)
Highest Placing Member Tucker (1/22)

Heroes flag


Heroes insig



Heroes was a starting tribe of Tasmania

This tribe is comprised of returning players who were known for their honesty and integrity in previous seasons.


Day 1

Hvvallan Hvvashley Hvvclayton Hvverik Hvverin
Hvvjamie Hvvjordan Hvvmorgan Hvvstephen Hvvtom Hvvtucker
  • » Ashley, a finalist from Hawaii and close friend of Allan.
  • » Clayton, the Sole iSurv1vor of Egypt who maintained a very strong social game despite being vulnerable at the majority of Tribal Councils.
  • » Erin who started Bermuda with fellow Hero Stephen. After being cursed at the final six she was voted out.
  • » Jamie, the Sole iSurv1vor of Arabia who was almost voted out of tie-breakers numerous times and known for her love of Britney Spears.
  • » Jordan, known for having history with Erik in their original season.
  • »» Morgan, known as the first Heroine of iSurv1vor.
  • » Stephen, known for his close friendship with fellow Hero Erin and strength in challenges.
  • »» Tom, regarded as the first Hero of iSurv1vor and known for his popularity in the series.
  • » Tucker, who helped disassemble the Illyria power alliance and control the majority of the post-merge votes.

Day 19

Hvvandrew Hvvashley Hvverik Hvverin Hvvjeffrey Hvvmegan Hvvtom
  • »» Andrew, known as Stickman who aligned with various players only to eliminate them without warning.
  • » Ashley
  • » Erin
  • »» Jeffrey, who in a last ditch effort in Montenegro sold out his castmates to potentially turn on each other which failed.
  • » Megan, a ruthless strategist who infamously told jury members to not vote her at the Final Tribal Council.

Day 22

Hvvashley Hvverik Hvverin Hvvjeffrey Hvvmegan Hvvmorgan Hvvtom
  • » Ashley
  • » Erin


  • All the Sole iSurv1vor's were voted out before the merge.
  • The Heroes who competed on their third try all stayed on the Heroes tribe throughout the pre-merge.
  • The Good Guys on The Inferno were divided based on similar qualities to that of the Heroes.


The iSurv1vor Series

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