Tribe Profile
Season Rookies vs Veterans 2
Namesake The Boteti River
Tribe Type Starting
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) Okavango
Tribe Status Merged into Lakane
Lowest Placing Member Sherry (22/22)
Highest Placing Member Phil (1/22)

Flag unavailable.


Boteti has no insignia.



Boteti was a starting tribe of Botswana

This tribe is comprised of new players known informally as the Rookies to compete against a group of returning players.


Day 1

Botsalexis Botsbanks Botsdj Botshelena Botsmalcolm
Botsphil Botsruben Botsscott Botsshandy Botssherry Botssusan
  • Alexis
  • Banks
  • DJ
  • Helena
  • Malcolm
  • Phil
  • Ruben
  • Scott
  • Shandy
  • Sherry
  • Susan

Swapped Tribe

Botsalexis Botsandii Botsbrandon Botshelena
Botsmandy Botsphil Botsruben Botsscott
  • Alexis
  • »»» Andii, remembered for cheating during All-Stars and failing to win a comeback competition in Faroe Islands eliminating herself on the first day. She is the only four-time player on this tribe.
  • » Brandon, remembered for his assumed leadership of the Orgullo tribe leading to his tribe blindsiding him and being first person eliminated from Venezuela.
  • Helena
  • » Mandy, remembered for her strength in Individual Immunity Challenges and falling short at the Final Tribal Council against Tachelle, making her the first person to win the final Immunity Challenge and not the game.
  • Phil
  • Ruben
  • Scott

Day 12 Tribe

Botsalexis Botsandii Botsbrandon Botshelena
Botsphil Botsruben Botssantiago Botsscott
  • Alexis
  • »»» Andii
  • » Brandon
  • Helena
  • Phil
  • Ruben
  • » Santiago, known originally as Jacob he was remembered for his control of Tenochtitlan and being a notorious game-player before being asked to be voted out due to stress.
  • Scott


  • This is the second "Rookies" tribe after Kecak from Bali and enjoyed moderate success over the Veterans much like their predeccesor.


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